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Health Walks are organised in conjuction with One Life Suffolk. We have fully trained walk leaders who supervise these gentle strolls around the village. Health walks are intended for those who arent quite ready for long hikes.


11-30 am

Shotley Gate Village Hall Health Walk 1.5 hrs 2 miles

11-30 am

Shotley Gate

Bristol Arms

Health Walk 1.5hrs 2 miles

11-30 am

Shotley Gate

Village Hall

Health Walk 1.5 hrs 2 miles

11-30 am

Bristol Arms Health Walk 1.5 hrs 2 Miles

11-30 am

Shotley Rose Health Walk 1.5 hrs 2 Miles


Bristol Arms Health Walk 1.5 hrs 2 Miles

Suffolk Walking Festival 2020

SOS will be doing five Walks on the following dates:

12/05/20 Shotley point Stroll Starting from the Bristol Arms. 2.5 miles, 1.5 hours;

15/05/20, Arthur Ransom Walk Starting from the Butt and Oyster. 6 miles,3.5 hours;

17/05/20 Two Rivers Walk starting from the Shotlery Rose. 5.5 miles, 3 hours;’

20/05/20 World War 1 Submariners Walk starting from the Ganges Museum. 4.5 miles 2.5 hours;

25/05/20 Farms and Rivers Walk starting from the Shipwreck, Shotley Mariner. 7.5 miles, 4 hours.

SOS will also be leading a walk organised by Orwell River Cruises on the 24th May from Shotley Marinar. 5.5 miles, 2.5 hours.

All the Suffolk Walking Festival Walks should be booked in advance on the Suffolk Walking Festival web site.

SOS will also be promoting the Walking Home For Christmas Charity Walk from Pin Mill to Shotley on Sunday 15th December 2019.

 What is a Health Walk?

The health walks are part of “One Life Suffolk” which leads “Stepping Out in Suffolk”, encouraging people to walk safely. Some of the walkers have health issues and these walks are designed to be easy for those who may not have taken part in walking before. Seven members of SOS are now Qualified Walk Leaders for One Life Suffolk. If at anytime during the walk a walker has done enough they will taken back to the start point.