Maintenance Schedule

Shotley Heritage Park

SOS has been maintaining Shotley Heritage Park since 2012 (as the group formerly known as the ‘Shotley Stour Footpath renovation Group’) up to 2018. The maintenance work was defined in several documents below:

Shotley Heritage Park Business Plan 2012 >>

Shotley Heritage Park Cliff and Woodland Survey 2012 >>

Mudflats management Plan >>

Heritage Park and Lloyd Road Open Space Maintenence Schedule 2017>>

The ongoing maintenance work as defined in these documents continues year on year and SOS will schedule work parties as the need arises, largely dependant on seasonal weather conditions and growth rate / intrusion of weeds and shrubs to pathways.

Maintenance days

On Sunday 11 December 2016, a working group did ongoing repairs to the concrete support wall around the picnic area and footpath adjacent to Bristol Hill. Further similar work will be scheduled for 2017 when the tides permit.

The photos were taken the day after the work was done. The condition of the existing concrete can be seen. Of some concern are the cracks in the wall of picnic area, though this should be rectified when the Phase 3 Erosion Protection Project goes ahead. Shotley Parish Council have a Marine Management Licence in place to install 550 metres of gabions in place of the concrete, and in front of the rusting sheet piles. This licence (MLA/2013/00050/4) confirms that consent to install the scheme has been given by all of the Statutory Bodies who have an interest in the area, and is a designated special project within the Environment Agency’s ‘Essex and South Suffolk Shoreline Management Plan.

For further information on the Marine Management Licence, please contact Shotley Parish Council.

If there are any particular areas that are found to be in urgent work, please contact Tony at


Any work done by SOS volunteers is done in accordance with the SOS Risk Assessment for Maintenance in Shotley Heritage Park and Lloyd Road Open Space.  The date on the Risk Assessment is the latest version which includes any updates.

SOS – Risk Assessment for Shotley Heritage Park and Lloyd Road Open Spaces Maintenance tasks

SOS-Record of hours to 2012-20 Feb2019

Condition of Footpaths in Shotley
There are 58 numbered public footpaths in the Parish of Shotley. The spreadsheet below describes the precise location of each path. Shotley Open Spaces is walking the pathways and putting a comment against each path regarding its condition for walkers. The sheet will also contain information about how any improvement work is being progressed.

The list will be updated as information is received and we aim to walk every path at least once a year.

If you have any information about any of the paths, please feed back to Tony-Lawford Randall.

Click on the link below for the Spreadsheet for the Footpaths.

Definitive Footpaths in the Parish of Shotley 2016