Our Aims

The team have a constitution in place to make sure all activities are for the good of the village

  1. STATUS:

The organisation is a Volunteer Group.  No member is entitled to any payment for services rendered, but may be reimbursed any reasonable expenditure incurred in providing such services.

  1. AIMS:
  • Maintain and improve the coastal footpath from Bristol Hill, Shotley Gate, in a Westerly direction to ‘Cockle Creek’, a total distance of 840 metres;
  • Maintain and improve the amenity known as ‘Shotley Heritage Park’, liaising with Shotley Parish Council (the landowner);
  • Maintain the Bristol Hill picnic area to a good standard;
  • Promote recreational walking for the benefit of local residents, visitors and the economy in the Shotley Parish. This is to be done in association with the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ (WaW) National Organisation, and to obtain and maintain WaW status for Shotley.  The following six conditions for WaW accreditation will be met:
  • Demonstrate popular support for WaW within the community;
  • Formal endorsement of the application by the local Council;
  • Ensure footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained and in good condition (see point 2.5 below);
  • Ensure adequate marketing of WaW status;
  • Encourage use of public transport to access walk routes;
  • Have mechanisms in place to maintain WaW status.

A committee member will be nominated as the ongoing WaW representative.

  • Monitor condition of pathways and open spaces in the Shotley Parish and work with the community, businesses, relevant groups, Shotley Parish Council and Local Authorities to maintain and improve them.
  • The registered volunteers shall be the members and each will be entitled to one vote at general meetings of the organisation.
  • An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in the month of April, or as soon as practicable after that time.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by a decision of the Management Committee or on the written request of three members lodged with the Secretary who shall issue Notice of the Meeting within two weeks of receiving the request.
  • The minimum notice of any general meeting shall be 3 days and notice shall be sent to all members of any general meeting, such notice to be given by written notice left at, or sent to, each member’s last known address, or by email.
  • The quorum for a general meeting shall be one-third of the number of members as at the date that Notice of the Meeting is issued.
  • Unless not present at the meeting, or being unwilling to do so, the Chair of the Management Committee will take the chair at any general meeting. A meeting Chairman to be appointed if the nominated Chairman is absent.
  • The Management Committee shall make all arrangements for the provision of services to meet the Aims of the organisation;
  • The Management Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of the Honorary Officers and such other members as are prepared to act as Committee Members and who are elected to that office;
  • The Honorary Officers shall comprise the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer;
  • The members of the Management Committee shall be elected to hold office until the closure of the next Annual General Meeting;
  • Members of the Management Committee may offer themselves for re-election at subsequent Annual General Meetings;
  • The Management Committee shall meet as the Committee considers necessary, but at least twice in any year and shall be convened by the Secretary with at least 3 days’ notice given to each Committee Member by written notice left at, or sent to, each member’s last known address, or by email;
  • A Management Committee meeting may be convened at shorter notice providing all Committee members are given notice and two-thirds of the Committee members consent to the meeting being so convened;
  • The quorum for Management Committee meetings shall be set by the Committee, but shall never be less than one-third of the total number of Committee Members;
  • The first Honorary Officers shall be appointed by the first Management Committee;
  • In the event than an Honorary Office becomes vacant prior to an Annual General Meeting the Management Committee is authorised to co-opt a member of the organisation to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting;
  • The Management Committee shall comprise a maximum of twelve members and is authorised to co-opt replacement members of the Committee;
  • If a Committee Member fails to attend two consecutive meetings and does not offer apologies for absence it will be deemed that they have resigned their post.
  • Funds of the organisation shall be held in a bank account opened in the name of the organisation;
  • Cheques on the account shall be signed by two authorised signatories as nominated by the Management Committee.
  • The Treasurer will maintain records of all Income & Expenditure and will present a financial report to each Management Committee meeting detailing income received and expenditure incurred since the last Committee Meeting, current balance of funds held and any items of income or expenditure known to be expected;
  • The Treasurer will prepare an Income & Expenditure Statement as at the end of the organisation’s Financial Year, 31st March annually or such other date as may be agreed, in time for this to be issued with the Annual General Meeting Notice;
  • The Treasurer will arrange for the Income & Expenditure Statement to be subject to an independent review.
  • The Constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority resolution of the members present at an Extraordinary General Meeting of which the required notice has been given and which clearly sets out the proposed amendments to the Constitution.
  • Should it become necessary to wind up the organisation any residual funds or other assets shall be donated to a local charity or organisation.

Confirmed as adopted at a meeting of the Management Committee held on 17 November 2016.